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    Lumica Corporation is the leading manufacturer of glow light products for both fishing range and novelty range. The company was established in 1979 in Fukuoka, Japan and now we have group companies in Korea, China, UK, Spain and USA. Our mission since then has been to offer the quality products at reasonable prices.

    Our retail line is marketed under the brands Starlite® for fishing light sticks and Lumica Light® for novelty and safety sticks. They are developed through intensive research into the natural process of photoluminescence. It can be used for indoor and out with safety - a portable light with no risk of fire. The usage is only limited by your imagination.

    After the initiation of full production in China, we can now offer you a full range of products and competitive pricing backing up by the longest history among the existing glow stick manufacturers.

    Please contact the below our customer service representatives for your region :

    Customer service :
    Tel 81 (0)6 4304 1146
    Fax 81 (0)6 4304 6146
    NKH Sucursal En España.
    Tel 34 91 320 0477
    Fax 34 91 324 9155